No animals of any kind, character, nature, or description shall be kept, raised, bred, or maintained on or upon any lot; provided however that household domesticated "pets" as allowed by the local government, may be kept on each lot so long as they are not kept raised bred or maintained thereon for any business or commercial purposes. "Pets" shall refer to birds, fish, dogs, cats, reptiles, insects, and all other non-human, non-plant living organisms that have not been prohibited by the Board from time to time and that are generally and commonly recognized as household domestic pets in the county. Only a reasonable number of pets, as determined at the board's discretion, may be kept on a lot at any one time. Pets shall be sheltered inside buildings and shall not be permitted to run loose. Invisible dog fences or barriers, if allowed at all within the development, must first be approved by the ARC. No pet shall be permitted to remain on the property if it or they disturb the tranquility of the property, the development, the association,  or other owners or residents. 

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